How To Find the Right Manga for you

How To Find the Right Manga for you

The world of Anime is so large and overwhelming, it’s easy to get lost when you’re just starting. Especially when you want to start reading manga. Mangas are Japanese comics or graphic novels and are arguably better than anime to many people. They usually go into more detail than their anime counterparts and are a great way to get ahead on a storyline.

Before you start reading manga, here are some quick facts you need to know:

  • Unlike regular comics, they’re read from right to left. This may sound unusual, but you’ll get used to this reading style before you know it.
  • Manga are mostly in black and white, so if you’re a lover of colour, you may find it a bit strange.
  • Some manga have been running for years, so you’ll have a lot of catching up to do.


So let’s dive into finding the right manga genre for you.

What do you like?

Whether you watch movies or read novels, some basic genres exist in all art forms. Although they may be called different names or have sub-genres, there’s the action, adventure, romance, sports, etc., genres.

So, for example, let’s say you love action and adventure. The two genres that have books focused on these genres are Shonen and Seinen manga. Shonen manga are usually a mix of action and comedy. Classic examples include Naruto, Dragon Ball Z, etc. However, Seinen manga such as Berserk, Monster, etc., are much darker with more violence and gore.


Get Recommendations and Read Snippets

Reviews tend to be biased, so I wouldn’t recommend checking reviews before reading or buying a manga. Instead, read a preview, summary, or snippet to know more about it. They give you a brief intro to the manga without giving too much away. You just need enough information without getting any spoilers.

And a great way to find more manga is by looking for similar ones. So let’s say you like Naruto. You could search for ones similar to it. If you don’t mind getting recommendations, there are many sites and channels that offer quality ones. Find a creator that explores topics you love, and start reading!


Start A Collection

Once you start seeing something you like, keep them in an e-database or list. There are websites such as MyAnimeList that you can use to organise your favourite anime and manga. You can monitor your completion, their genres and even rate them. They have most of the genres of manga available, and all you need to do is create an account, pick a genre and start adding.

MyAnimeList is great for keeping tabs on manga and anime releases and getting quality recommendations. It is a large community many otakus use, so an account would really help.

A physical manga collection is also a great idea. You can always go back to read your favourites and get lost in the pages. Manga Warehouse stocks a wide range of volumes you’d definitely love. There’s one available for every mood or taste, whether you’re into romance, action or gore.

With a subscription, you get scheduled deliveries of your manga series as soon as they are released. Browse our collection to get started!

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