The mysterious SPY x Family Manga

The mysterious SPY x Family Manga

Spy animes are rare, but seeing one with a fake family consisting of a telepath and assassin? Now, that’s something else! Spy x Family is bringing something new to the animeverse I guarantee you’ve not seen before. We have a spy whose latest assignment is to get a fake family to monitor a target. But he doesn’t know that his new “ daughter “ is a telepath and his “ wife “ is an assassin. This manga is an action-packed comedy that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.


The plot is unique, and I’d like to tell you every juicy bit without spoilers.

There’s political tension between Ostania and a rival country, Westalis. And our main character, a Westalis spy, Twilight, is now responsible for maintaining the balance. For his new mission, he’s to monitor the leader of an Ostania extremist group.

The only way he can do this is by getting a new identity and starting a family so he can blend in. While recruiting his “ family “members, he unknowingly adopts a young girl, Anya, who can read minds. And marries a deceivingly dumb girl, Yor Briar, who’s actually a top assassin!

The twist is that Yor and Twilight don’t know each other’s jobs. Only Anya knows the professions of the two, but they don’t know about her mind-reading skills. Now, Twilight has to learn to balance his work and his new family, The Forgers.

The SPY x Family shonen manga series, written by Tatsuya Endo, was released on March 25th, 2019. It has nine volumes and is still ongoing. The anime premiered on the 9th of April, 2022, and is being produced by two studios - Wit studio and CloverWorks. Wit Studio is best known for animating Attack On Titan, while CloverWorks is renowned for producing the promised neverland. With this impressive track record, I have high hopes for the anime. The anime currently has three episodes, with new ones being released weekly.


Spy x family is filled with interesting characters that will keep you guessing, laughing, and fascinated. Here are the three main characters you need to know:

  • Twilight AKA Loid Forger: Twilight is an orphan who became a spy to “ create a world where children do not cry. “ Highly intelligent and cunning, you’ll see how he tricks the bad guys with his numerous disguises. He’s an exemplary spy who gets the job at any cost. Although Twilight mostly displays a cold exterior, we see new sides as he lives with his new family.
  • Yor Briar: An employee at Berlint City hall, Yori is a professional assassin who fools her co-workers by acting clueless. She agrees to Yori’s marriage proposal to attract less attention. She loves her brother deeply but doesn’t hesitate to eliminate any enemy. This contrast makes her so fascinating.
  • Anya: Anya is a telepathic orphan who got her powers from being a test subject. She had been adopted numerous times, only to be returned every time. She uses her ability to be the perfect child for Twilight, so she isn’t sent back to the orphanage. Anya is the only person that knows the true identity of her parents and watches gleefully behind the scenes.


This anime is full of surprises, and I don’t think I can say more about it without dropping spoilers.

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