Top 5 Anime With Over Powered MC's

Top 5 Anime With Over Powered MC's

Fight scenes are very exciting, especially when the main character rarely loses a battle. We’re used to MCs or major characters losing some fights as part of their character development in animes. But some animes choose to deviate from the norm by making their characters so overpowered no one can defeat them.

We’ll be looking at five animes with characters so strong, you’ll be praying for their defeat.

One punch man

One punch man tells the story of Saitama, a struggling hero who tries to rise in the ranks. He faces many enemies in his quest to become an S-level hero, and he’s more than overqualified. While most of the other heroes have tremendous abilities and strengths, Saitama has immense physical power. He’s so strong that he defeats most of his enemies with a single punch. Most people tend to look down on Saitama because of his clueless nature. But after watching him in battle, they’re either dead, scared, or amazed.



This isn’t your typical anime or MC. Imagine being stuck with a demon prince that just won’t leave you alone? Oga Tatsumi is a high school delinquent who has to take care of Baby Beel or else he’ll be electrocuted to death. Despite how serious it might sound, Beelzebub is actually a feel-good comedy anime. Oga faces and conquers high school bullies and supernatural forces with the help of Baby Beel's demonic powers. Trust me, you won’t get enough of the rollercoaster that’s Beelzebub.



One of the things that makes Berserk so amazing is the tenacity of the main character, Guts. Guts isn’t like other anime characters. He has no superpowers and doesn’t face the conventional villains. Abandoned by the corpse of his mum, a baby guts is adopted by a mercenary group. He eventually kills the leader to escape abuse and becomes a lone wolf for a while. Right when he thinks he has found a family, he ends up getting betrayed and cursed. A curse that follows him throughout the anime. Guts has to battle friends turned foes, heartbreak, and satanic entities. Right when he beats an enemy, hundreds are waiting to have their turn. What makes guts particularly impressive is his will, determination, and stubbornness. Trust me when I say you won’t find another character like guts.


Akame ga Kill

Female MCs aren’t common, especially ones as powerful as Akame. Akame is part of an assassin group that tries to rid their nation of corruption. Akame is one of the strongest characters with her superior swordsmanship. Akame ga kill is an anime that’ll take you on an emotional rollercoaster with twists.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures

The Joestar family has to be one of the most powerful families in anime history. With new villains per generation, every Joestar offspring faces unique battles of their own. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures is one unpredictable anime with remarkable villains you’ve never seen before. Colourful characters, generational enemies, and action-packed fights are just some of what makes JBA goated.

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