xxxHolic volume 6

xxxHolic volume 6

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by Clamp

Manga goes mainstream! The next installment in the hugely popular xxxHolic series by superstar manga creators, CLAMP!

SERIES OVERVIEW-Watanuki is Y ko's unwilling assistant, but even he is compelled by the fascinating adventures he's had since he stared working for the 'space-time witch'. Y ko operates a shop that grants people what they need, but there is always a price to be paid...****Kimihiro Watanuki Takes a weilcome break from his gruelling service to the time-space witch, Y ko Ishihara, only to find himself mixed up in the strangest parade of the Japanese magical world. But a slipup reveals that Kimihiro is a powerless human! How can he survive the festival without being eaten by its dangerous participants?Then Kimihiro meets a woman grieving for her lost son. Since Kimihiro is an orphan, the two form an immediate bond. But what will Kimihiro do when he realises that his wonderful new friendship may very well kill him?xxxHolic crosses over with Tsubasa, also by CLAMP. Don't miss it!

ISBN13 9780099504856
Dimensions 191 mm x 130 mm x 15 mm
Weight 178 gr
Release Date 02/10/2006
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