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Draw Your Own Manga

Draw Your Own Manga

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by Nagatomo, Haruno

Now that I've got the hang of the basic techniques, how can I improve my style?
Color manga looks really cool, but I don't know what materials I need or how to use them!

The Draw Your Own Manga team is back to help your take your manga to the next stage. Draw Your Own Manga- Beyond the Basics expands on some of the techniques explained in this first book, All the Basics, and introduces some new ways in which you can add personality and style to your manga.

. How to distinguish between male and female characters of all ages with physical features, facial expressions, and clothing.
. How to enhance your manga with a range of special effects, from flashes to sound effects.
. How to draw indoor and outdoor backgrounds from different perspectives, and how to use screen tone and ink to depict daytime and night scenes.
. How to use various types of color ink, markers, and airbrushes to create stunning manga in color.

Draw Your Own Manga- Beyond the Basics also features an interview with the famous sports manga artist Shinji Mizushima, who talks about what it takes to create great manga.

The name Shinji Mizushima is synonymous with baseball manga. He is the creator of such popular, long-running series as Dokaben, Mr. Abu, and Poem of the Baseball Craze.

Imprint Kodansha USA
ISBN13 9781568365022
Dimensions 260 mm x 192 mm x 9 mm
Weight 402 gr
Release Date 01/07/2017
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