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Wallflower 22/23/24

Wallflower 22/23/24

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by Hayakawa, Tomoko

SUNBURN! It's summertime, and all Sunako wants to do is stay in the darkest depths of her room. But the guys are desperate to complete Sunako's transformation into a lady-which means a weekend at a beachside resort. Now Sunako is trapped in a fancy five-star hotel and surrounded by creatures of the light. To escape on the train back to Tokyo she needs cash, and winning the Capture the Flag competition will solve that problem. Victory seems like a sure thing for Sunako-until she meets her competition- none other than Kyohei!

ISBN13 9781612623344
Dimensions 193 mm x 129 mm x 32 mm
Weight 360 gr
Release Date 15/05/2016
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