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Wallflower 6

Wallflower 6

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by Hayakawa, Tomoko

THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY How did four of Japan's hottest guys end up living in the same magnificent mansion? The shocking revelations continue! And whatever happened to the idea of giving Sunako a major makeover? If the foursome wants to remain in their luxurious surroundings, they need to follow through on the original agreement. Sunako's aunt will no doubt threaten to kick them out (again!) if they fail to transform Sunako from a dark loner into a beautiful young lady. This volume also features "Yuki Versus the Abominable Snow Woman," an ill-fated visit to a haunted school, and the terror of the track meet! This volume of The Wallflower includes special extras after the story!

ISBN13 9781612623498
Dimensions 190 mm x 128 mm x 12 mm
Weight 146 gr
Release Date 15/05/2016
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