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Air Gear Omnibus 1

Air Gear Omnibus 1

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This supersized omnibus includes Vols. 1-3 of the original release of Air Gear!

The Sky's the Limit
Ikki Minami looked up to the skies since he was a kid, dreaming of a freedom that defied definition...until he caught a glimpse of a mysterious and beautiful Air Trek rider, whose aerial acrobatics ignited his ephemeral dream into a blazing inferno of ambition. Now he is determined to use Air Treks to fly, uninhibited by the laws of gravity, and make his dream a reality. But the world of Air Treks is fraught with danger and deception. Will Ikki fly freely, or will his wings get cut before he can take flight?

ISBN13 9781612624006
Dimensions 190 mm x 130 mm x 55 mm
Weight 570 gr
Release Date 15/05/2013
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