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Air Gear Omnibus 3

Air Gear Omnibus 3

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by great, Oh!

This supersized omnibus includes Vols. 7-9 of the original release of Air Gear!

In this omnibus collection of volumes 7, 8, and 9, Ikki leads team Kogarasumaru into battle against team Behemoth. With much greater experience and frighteningly powerful members, Behemoth may be more than Kogarasumaru can handle! Ikki and his team must find a way to contend with the unstoppable punching machine, Bandou, and the ultra-powerful Udou, leader of Behemoth!

ISBN13 9781612624020
Dimensions 192 mm x 132 mm x 48 mm
Weight 558 gr
Release Date 15/06/2014
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