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Sankarea 11

Sankarea 11

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by Hattori, Mitsuru

Boy meets girl, then accidentally turns girl into a zombie when she falls off a cliff and disembowels herself.


In the wake of her hunger-fueled rampage, Rea has left a trail of destruction leading up to the auditorium of her school, and it seems as though the only way to stop her is to give her what all zombies truly desire-to devour the thing that they love. Chihiro believes that he knows how to stop Rea and he is willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to end her incessant desire to consume flesh, but with her memory of Chihiro seemingly gone since her time at ZoMA, will his plan really be enough to bring Rea back to her senses? Or will Rea succumb to her endless hunger, lost to the inevitable fate of all zombies-to become a "terminal eater?" This and more are revealed in the thrilling final volume of Sankarea!

ISBN13 9781612628028
Dimensions 194 mm x 130 mm x 16 mm
Weight 168 gr
Release Date 15/04/2015
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