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Manga Dogs 2

Manga Dogs 2

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by Toyama, Ema

From the creator of I am Here! and Missions of Love, two of Kodansha Comics' best-selling shojo series! This is a manga about making manga, a subject which is of huge interest to American manga readers. The story has elements of both Genshiken and the super-hot Bakuman, taking a look at the process of manga creation and poking fun at some of the myths and misconceptions attributed to manga creators. Three volumes total. Ages 16 and up.

Kanna Tezuka is a shy and anti-social manga artist. She enrolls in a special manga class at school, hoping that she'll be free to work on her manga without distraction. However, she finds herself in the company of three guys who are incredibly handsome, and incredibly stupid. They find out that Kanna is a published manga artist and begin pestering her to teach them how to become manga creators. Hijinks ensue!

Story Locale- Japanese high school

Series Overview- Kanna Tezuka just wanted some peace and quiet so she could focus on making manga. With that in mind, she enrolled in a manga class. Her dreams of quiet were soon shattered by three boys who tilt the scales heavily in the looks department, but not so much in the brains. The boys discover that Kanna is a published manga artist and decide that she must be their teacher...but she has other ideas!

ISBN13 9781612629049
Dimensions 194 mm x 130 mm x 16 mm
Weight 174 gr
Release Date 15/01/2015
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