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New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 8

New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 8

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by Koike, Kazuo

The last of the Kurokuwa ninja-all but wiped out by Ogami Itto, the late Lone Wolf-has seen through Mamiya Rinzo's conspiracy to control the shogun with potent drugs. But when she tries to stop the plot, she finds herself being used as a pawn in Rinzo's final assault on rogue swordsman Togo Shigekata, Togo's young "cub" Daigoro-and on his own renegade daughter!

Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf and Cub is an acclaimed masterpiece of graphic fiction, and New Lone Wolf and Cub is the long-awaited sequel to this groundbreaking manga. Illustrated by Hideki Mori and translated by Dana Lewis.

Series Overview- The eighth volume of a total of eleven in the New Lone Wolf and Cub series, Kazuo Koike's follow up sequel to the international hit series Lone Wolf and Cub

ISBN13 9781616553630
Dimensions 184 mm x 132 mm x 19 mm
Weight 200 gr
Release Date 15/04/2016
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