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New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 11

New Lone Wolf And Cub Volume 11

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by Koike, Kazuo

For Daigoro, it is a journey he has made before. As he and Togo Shigekata approach the gates of Edo Castle, he wears the same white robes of death he and his father Ogami Itto wore to battle Yagyu Retsudo. But this Daigoro is a hardened warrior, ready to fight alongside Togo against the castle regiments, and a shogun who more than he seems.

Kazuo Koike's Lone Wolf and Cub is an acclaimed masterpiece of graphic fiction, and New Lone Wolf and Cub is the long-awaited sequel to this groundbreaking manga. Illustrated by Hideki Mori and translated by Dana Lewis.

ISBN13 9781616553661
Dimensions 184 mm x 132 mm x 18 mm
Weight 198 gr
Release Date 15/01/2017
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