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The Secret Garden (Illustrated Novel)

The Secret Garden (Illustrated Novel)

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by Hodgson Burnett, Frances

Revisit the hallowed halls of the Misselthwaite Manor in this new edition of the classic novel, The Secret Garden, presented with eye-catching manga-style artwork. Young Mary Lennox is left an orphan when her parents die of illness while living abroad in India. Raised primarily by servants, Mary is left to mourn the loss of her inattentive parents before eventually being sent under the care of her Uncle in Yorkshire, England. It's there in Misselthwaite Manor that she meets two young boys-Dickon, and her cousin Colin who lives locked away in the manor due to a disability that leaves him bound to a wheelchair. Together the trio discover a secret garden locked away in the manor grounds. As they work to restore it, the three learn about each other, their families, and their own personal strengths.

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781626926028
Dimensions 211 mm x 150 mm x 28 mm
Weight 400 gr
Release Date 05/09/2017
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