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Your Lie In April 6

Your Lie In April 6

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by Arakawa, Naoshi

Your lie in April is a hit anime currently streaming on Crunchyroll, where it is consistently one of the most popular shows on the site. Shonen, 13 and up. Complete at 11 volumes.

Spirits are still high after the Maiho Music Competition when Kaori receives a letter in the mail- There's going to be a gala concert to celebrate the winners, and even though Kaori and Kosei didn't advance, they're invited to perform! Confident they can leave a lasting impression, Kaori seizes the chance to order Kosei back onto the stage with her. The ultimate duo that moved an entire audience's hearts will perform once more, and people are buzzing with anticipation. Yet Kosei seems listless and uninterested in the festivities. Can Kaori and Kosei get their act together in time?!

ISBN13 9781632361769
Dimensions 186 mm x 125 mm x 17 mm
Weight 198 gr
Release Date 15/03/2016
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