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Livingstone 2

Livingstone 2

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by Maekawa, Tomohiro

A supernatural action manga with a steampunk-esque flair from the creator of smash hit manga and anime Deadman Wonderland

An odd-couple duo are tasked with finding people who are about to die in an untimely manner and prevent their early demise or collect the physical remnants of their souls, known as "livingstones."

Series Overview- 90% of our lives are determined by our fate, and our fates are determined by our "souls." But every now and then, something doesn't go according to the plan, and not only are the results of this often grim, the souls of those who have met an untimely fate also pollute their environs, drawing more souls into a viscious circle of ill fate. Sakurai and Amano are an odd-couple team who have been hired to deal with the problems that arise from these tainted souls and have been tasked with finiding those who are heading to an early grave to either prevent them from dying or collect their livingstones-the physical remnants of their souls-before they can cause further damage.

ISBN13 9781632361943
Dimensions 186 mm x 124 mm x 19 mm
Weight 224 gr
Release Date 13/06/2016
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