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Maga-Tsuki 4

Maga-Tsuki 4

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by Taguchi, Hoshino

For fans of wacky, cute and sexy manga comedies like Sankarea, Nisekoi, and Oh My Goddess!

Decisions, Decisions
Hinata has confessed her love to Yasuke, and now Akari's feeling the pressure! With both Orihime and Hinata already a step ahead of her, will she finally make her move? Meanwhile, Yasuke comes to a startling realization and meets with Hinata privately...or so he thinks! With the other girls secretly listening in, he reveals who he wants to be with! Who will Yasuke's next "soul-mate" be?

ISBN13 9781632362421
Dimensions 190 mm x 129 mm x 15 mm
Weight 174 gr
Release Date 15/09/2016
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