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Complex Age 3

Complex Age 3

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by Sakuma, Yui

Cosplayers and fangirls will identify with the struggles the characters face, like balancing work, school, and hobbies, dealing with creepy convention-goers, and bullying.

Twentysomething temp worker Nagisa Kataura lives like an average young woman - but she has a secret life. When she's not sitting at her day job, she spends most of her time transforming into her favorite anime and manga characters through the art of cosplay. Worried about being thought childish and nerdy, Nagisa struggles to keep her hobby a secret.

Series Overview- Twenty-six-year-old Nagisa looks like a normal office worker, but unbeknownst to her coworkers, she leads an extraordinary life as a cosplayer. In her secret life, Nagisa puts countless time and effort into conceptualizing and designing costumes to attend shows and transform into her favorite anime characters. But despite her talent and notoriety in the cosplayer world, she must keep this all a secret from everyone except close family and friends. To most people, cosplay is a thing for young, nerdy girls, and at her stage in life, Nagisa should be more worried about finding a husband over finding the right fabric to complete her costume. To enjoy her passion and still function as a normal member of society, Nagisa has to struggle with the pressures of two very distinct lifestyles, while doing her best to keep her two worlds from colliding.

ISBN13 9781632362506
Dimensions 207 mm x 148 mm x 17 mm
Weight 248 gr
Release Date 15/12/2016
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