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Devil Survivor 8

Devil Survivor 8

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by Matsuba, Satoru

The manga version of the successful Nintendo 3DS game

After demons break through into the human world, Tokyo must be quarantined. Without power and stuck in a supernatural warzone, 17-year-old Kazuya has only one hope- He must use the COMP, a device created by his cousin Naoya capable of summoning and subduing demons, to defeat the invaders and take back the city.

Story Locale- Modern Tokyo, Japan

Series Overview- A ragtag group including a master programmer, a cosplay idol, a bartender, and the leader of a street gang - all led by a 17-year-old boy - must come together to turn back the demon invasion that has transformed Tokyo into a quarantined warzone.

ISBN13 9781632362896
Dimensions 190 mm x 130 mm x 18 mm
Weight 220 gr
Release Date 15/11/2016
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