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Forget Me Not 3

Forget Me Not 3

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by Hsu, Mag

Serizawa is a twentysomething working at a divorce attorney's office. Walking home from work one day, he gets into an accident, and a woman carries him to an ambulance. Later, at the hospital, still bleary, he receives a phone call from the woman who saved his life. This person knows intimate details about him...but he's not sure who it is. Serizawa's gentle personality has drawn lots of girls to him since his childhood, but he's far from perfect. Was it someone he loved and lost? Or perhaps someone he wronged, to whom he failed to make amends?

Series Overview- Serizawa was walking home from work one day when he was struck by a truck. Woozy and injured, he remembers a woman taking him to safety. Later, he hears her voice on the phone. It's someone he knows...but who? He reflects on a past full of short-lived relationships. They are all riddled with misunderstandings and hang-ups-he can't nail down who his savior was.

ISBN13 9781632363138
Dimensions 191 mm x 129 mm x 16 mm
Weight 188 gr
Release Date 15/07/2016
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