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Persona Q Shadow P4 Volume 2

Persona Q Shadow P4 Volume 2

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by Mizunomoto

A crossover manga based on Persona 4, the widely acclaimed RPG from Atlus, that ties into the new 3DS game, Persona Q- Shadow of the Labyrinth. P4 = Persona 4.

A companion to Persona Q- Shadow of the Labyrinth- P3, this crossover comic focuses on the Investigation Team from Persona 4 as they battle through a mysterious, Alice in Wonderland themed labyrinth. While trying to find their way back to Yasogami High, they will encounter new enemies and few friends from the Persona series of RPG videogames.

Series Overview- Based on the latest entry in the Persona series, Persona Q- Shadow of the Labyrinth, characters from the hit games, Persona 3 and 4 find themselves mysteriously transported to a treacherous maze and have to work together to find their way home.

ISBN13 9781632363268
Dimensions 190 mm x 128 mm x 16 mm
Weight 184 gr
Release Date 15/07/2016
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