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Real Account 6

Real Account 6

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by Okushou


With barely a moment for the players to catch theirbreath, it's already time for the fifth game- "The GreatFlamer Festival," a chance to reveal the hidden, personalsecrets found on contestants' phones. The game soondeteriorates into a ruthless, voyeuristic bloodbath, strippingplayers of every last shred of their dignity. Can Yuma andhis friends once again put an end to this twisted game?And what will happen when the dreaded Mizuki Kurashinachallenges him head-to-head? The results of their battle willreveal unbelievable truths and even more gruesome details!

"An interesting take on a tired premise. Why not tweet your friends about it?" -Anime News Network

"Social commentary wrapped in a Battle Royale or Sword Art Online-esque 'death game' plot." - Kotaku

"Recommended!Between wanting to see the next game and curiosity about where writer Okushou is going with his social commentary, I'm looking forward to the next volume." -Otaku USA

ISBN13 9781632363473
Dimensions 190 mm x 128 mm x 20 mm
Weight 208 gr
Release Date 28/03/2017
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