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The Prince In His Dark Days 2

The Prince In His Dark Days 2

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by Yamanaka, Hiko

A cross-dressing dramedy about a girl from a poor family who is thrust into Japanese high society as a rich classmate's body double, The Prince in His Dark Days is a beautifully-executed turn on a few favorite shojo premises

Atsuko's father is a drunk, and she's shunned by her classmates as "the poor kid." Walking the streets in a dark fog of despair, Atsuko cons perverts out of their money to survive. Then, one day, she meets Itaru, the heir to a wealthy family, who happens to look exactly like her. Itaru hatches a plan- Atsuko will live his tedious public life for him, and she will get a taste of the luxuries enjoyed by the 1%. Everybody's (finally) happy. Right?

Series Overview- Atsuko's family is impoverished, and her parents don't care about her. Lost in despair, she has fend for herself and can't imagine a brighter future. But then Itaru comes into her life- a wealthy (male) heir who looks exactly like her. In no time, she's playing the part of Itaru in public to save him from his life of tedium. But is this really the brighter future she so recently found unthinkable?

ISBN13 9781632363688
Dimensions 203 mm x 146 mm x 14 mm
Weight 218 gr
Release Date 15/12/2016
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