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Vinland Saga 8

Vinland Saga 8

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by Yukimura, Makoto

The epic action manga for fans of Game of Thrones. A story of war, royal intrigue, suspense and revenge set against the Viking invasions of England.

Troubled Waters

Free at last, Thorfinn sets off on an expedition to Vinland, to establish a place freeof war and slavery. In an effort to fund his project, Thorfinn visits Iceland whereHalfdan, a wealthy man who shared a dark history with his late father, awaits.Meanwhile, the marriage between Halfdan's son Sigurd and Leif 's relative Gudridare well under way, but Gudrid dreams of becoming a sailor, not a bride. A battlesoon breaks out as Gudrid attempts to escape aboard Leif 's ship. With Sigurd hotat their tail, Thorfinn and the crew press eastward to the city of Miklagard, pickingup an orphaned baby and a dog along the way...

ISBN13 9781632363725
Dimensions 210 mm x 152 mm x 37 mm
Weight 572 gr
Release Date 15/01/2017
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