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Inuyashiki 7

Inuyashiki 7

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by Oku, Hiroya

Fom Hiroya Oku, bestselling creator of the cult favorite manga series, Gantz.

A sci-fi drama/superhero tale with an unlikely hero!Series Overview- Ichiro Inuyashiki is down on his luck. He looks much older than his 58 years, his children despise him, and his wife thinks he's a useless coward. So when he's diagnosed with stomach cancer and given three months to live, it seems the only one who'll miss him is his dog. Then a blinding light fills the sky, and the old man is killed...only to wake up later in a body he almost recognizes as his own. Can it be that Ichiro Inuyashiki is no longer human? Can he use this new body to help the helpless and finally win the respect of his family? And, most he the only one in possession of these strange abilities?

ISBN13 9781632364364
Dimensions 206 mm x 146 mm x 16 mm
Weight 238 gr
Release Date 15/07/2017
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