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Kiss Him, Not Me 11

Kiss Him, Not Me 11

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by Junko

It'sKae,coming to you from acrazysituation! After running intomy childhood friend,Mistuboshi, at a voice actor event, I was excited to introduce him to everyone. But something wasn't right about Mitsuboshi, and now he's tricked me and separated me from the group!

He has anextremeplan to keep me from Shima and the guys forever, and it's going to take everyone's efforts together to stop him. I've grown so much with the help of my friends, butMitsuboshijust wants to keep the old me. Can we stop him before it's too late, and will someone have to put themselves in danger?

Special bonus story!
If you thought what happened with Mitsuboshi was wild, wait until you see what happens when we fall prey to abody-switchingmystery! With the boys' bodies, I can finally take all the BL-inspired photos I want! Oh, and I guess we should solve the mystery too...

Now an anime series from the studio that made Princess Jellyfish and My Little Monster!

"There is a great sense of comedic timing on display here...the comedy is spot on." - UK Anime Network

ISBN13 9781632364371
Dimensions 189 mm x 126 mm x 13 mm
Weight 158 gr
Release Date 15/07/2017
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