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Vinland Saga 9

Vinland Saga 9

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by Yukimura, Makoto

The epic action manga for fans of Game of Thrones. A story of war, royal intrigue, suspense and revenge set against the Viking invasions of England.

Fighting for a Future

Thorfinn and his crew are on their way to Greece, the first leg of theirexpedition to Vinland. Having landed near Bergen, in Norway, Thorfinn isattacked by a bear, only to be saved by a fierce huntress named Hild. While sharinga meal together, Hild recounts how her village and family were massacred manyyears ago-a story Thorfinn knows quite intimately. Now, Thorfinn must faceHild and his own violent past in order to press forward. As his journey progresses,Thorfinn encounters more factions that do not share his vision, and a war in thename of Vinland may be looming on the horizon.

ISBN13 9781632364456
Dimensions 211 mm x 151 mm x 37 mm
Weight 572 gr
Release Date 15/07/2017
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