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Clockwork Planet 2

Clockwork Planet 2

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by Kamiya, Yuu, Kuro

From the creator of No Game, No Life

From the creator ofNo Game, No Life


Naoto and RyuZU have a tense encounter with Marie Bell Breguet and herbodyguard, Vainney Halter, but the four strike up a shaky alliance in order tofix the Core Tower in Kyoto. With the city's most important structure indisrepair, Kyoto's entire population is at risk, but Naoto believes he can saveit before the city undergoes a Purge. This unstoppable team of renegadesmay be able to save millions of lives, but acting against government orderscould spark a dangerous conflict. Is Naoto's group ready to face the consequencesof disrupting the order of the world itself?

Praise forNo Game, No Life
"If you are looking for clever mind games where the protagonist faces seemingly insurmountable odds, then this is the book for you." -Anitay
"No Game No Lifeis a must watch for any gamer... smart, beautiful, funny, and just plain all-around enjoyable." -Kotaku

ISBN13 9781632364487
Dimensions 208 mm x 148 mm x 20 mm
Weight 282 gr
Release Date 16/05/2017
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