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Attack on Titan Before the Fall 16

Attack on Titan Before the Fall 16

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by ISAYAMA, HAJIME, Suzukaze, Ryo

The prequel to the number one bestselling Attack on Titan and winner of the Diamond Gem Award for best manga continues!


As the days dwindle before the Survey Corps' last chance at an expedition, the need to train with their new equipment for fighting the Titans is more pressing than ever. But when an accident during training is revealed to be a work of sabotage, it sends shockwaves through the camp. Who is trying to ruin humanity's best chance at stopping the Titans, and why?!

Story Locale- The post-apocalyptic future

Series Overview- This prequel series to the main Attack on Titan series is set before humanity had the weapons to effectively combat the Titans, when the Survey Corps was nothing but a group of ambitious soldiers who dared to dream of Titan extinction.

ISBN13 9781632368294
Dimensions 189 mm x 127 mm x 16 mm
Weight 220 gr
Release Date 23/04/2019
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