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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light Novel) Vol. 12

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light Novel) Vol. 12

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by Jyumonji, Ao

HERE THERE BE DRAGONS-LITERALLY! Still trying to find a way to return to Alterna, Haruhiro and his party fetch up on the shores of the sea. Falling in with a mysterious pirate girl named Momohina, the group ventures forth to the Emerald Archipelago, rumored abode of dragons from ages past. What they aren't expecting, though, is to find a secret pirate haven-at the exact moment that it's being attacked by dragons!

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645052128
Dimensions 209 mm x 151 mm x 24 mm
Weight 342 gr
Release Date 24/03/2020
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