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How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord (Manga) Vol. 7

How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord (Manga) Vol. 7

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by Murasaki, Yukiya

THE DEMON WITHIN Rem has been freed from the demon inside her, and Krebskulm-now called Klem-has entered the world in the form of an adorable little girl with an insatiable appetite for biscuits. But a Demon Lord still lurks within her, ready to awaken at any moment! What will happen if Klem is pushed to the breaking point? Are Diablo and his friends strong enough to stop her from destroying Faltra?

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645052203
Dimensions 180 mm x 127 mm x 15 mm
Weight 182 gr
Release Date 28/04/2020
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