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Sazan & Comet Girl (Omnibus)

Sazan & Comet Girl (Omnibus)

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by Akase, Yuriko

A critically acclaimed, full-color manga adventure through the boundless reaches of outer space! Sazan, a young man from Earth, works construction on other planets and has seen his share of galactic oddities. But when he meets Mina, a vivacious redhead who zooms into his life on a space scooter, he knows he's run into someone special. Almost as suddenly as she arrived, Mina races out of Sazan's life, yet Sazan is determined to find her matter how far he must chase her across the galaxy.

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645052999
Dimensions 181 mm x 129 mm x 42 mm
Weight 404 gr
Release Date 15/09/2020
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