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PENGUINDRUM (Manga) Vol. 3

PENGUINDRUM (Manga) Vol. 3

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by Ikunichawder, Ikunichawder

FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL! Kanba and Shoma are staying super busy as they fight to keep Himari alive! Kanba faces danger head on, all so he can pay for medicine from the mysterious Doctor Sanetoshi. Meanwhile, Ringo has come to a startling realization-she loves Shoma! And then Yuri tells her about when her older sister Momoka was little?! Shocking developments unfold in Volume 3 of Penguindrum!

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645055099
Dimensions 181 mm x 127 mm x 17 mm
Weight 180 gr
Release Date 24/11/2020
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