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Sarazanmai (Light Novel) Vol. 2

Sarazanmai (Light Novel) Vol. 2

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by Ikuhara, Kunihiko

OTTERLY EXCITING! Junior high students Kazuki, Toi, and Enta have a run-in with kappa prince Keppi, who recruits them to hunt down zombie kappas born of twisted human desires! Transformed into kappa themselves until they can fulfill their tasks, the boys face off against zombies-and against police officers Reo and Mabu, agents of the villainous Otter Empire. Read on for the second half of the story of the hit anime-including a bonus chapter not included in the show!

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645057963
Dimensions 149 mm x 210 mm x 19 mm
Weight 250 gr
Release Date 17/11/2020
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