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Days of Love at Seagull Villa Vol. 2

Days of Love at Seagull Villa Vol. 2

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by Naoko, Kodama

TROUBLE IN PARADISE After her life fell apart, Mayumi decided to ditch the city and live in the countryside. While things haven't always gone smoothly between her and her boisterous landlady, Mayumi and Rin have grown close and even shared a kiss or two. But now a figure from Mayumi's past has arrived at Seagull Villa- the same "friend" that ruined Mayumi's life in the first place. Will Mayumi lose Rin the same way she's lost everything else?

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781645059622
Dimensions 180 mm x 126 mm x 14 mm
Weight 146 gr
Release Date 23/02/2021
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