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Beauty and the Feast 02

Beauty and the Feast 02

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by U, Satomi

A boy with a bottomless stomach and a lonely widow with room at her dinner table serve up a heaping helping of secret happiness in this delightful foodie rom-com!

Widow Shuko Yakumo has rediscovered her love of cooking and life through her newly acquired pastime of secretly feeding her neighbor, Yamato, a high school baseball player. But when she goes out to the ballpark for the first time in her life to cheer Yamato on in his tournament, Shuko gets more than she bargained for! As a mass of starving players gathers around the lunch she made specially for Yamato, will there be anything left for Shuko's intended recipient?!

Imprint SquareEnix
ISBN13 9781646090631
Dimensions 209 mm x 148 mm x 15 mm
Weight 242 gr
Release Date 01/02/2022
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