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The Apothecary Diaries 04 (Manga)

The Apothecary Diaries 04 (Manga)

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by Hyuuga, Natsu

After breaking a "curse" on the imperial heirs, a palace servant with training in herbal medicine is promoted up the ranks to food taster...and right into the thick of palace intrigue in this lushly illustrated historical mystery series!

Though Maomao has left the palace behind and returned to her home in the pleasure district, it seems the Inner Court can't do without her! Jinshi comes to the erstwhile food taster with a request involving the attempted poisoning of the Virtuous Consort during the garden banquet and the identity of the mastermind behind it!

Imprint SquareEnix
ISBN13 9781646090730
Dimensions 180 mm x 126 mm x 15 mm
Weight 176 gr
Release Date 01/03/2022
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