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Sailor Moon 2 (Naoko Takeuchi Collection)

Sailor Moon 2 (Naoko Takeuchi Collection)

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A new edition of the Sailor Moon manga, for a new generation of fans! Featuring an updated translation and high page count in a more affordable, portable edition, perfect to go wherever you or the legendary guardian in your life want to take it.

Teenager Usagi is not the best athlete, she's never gotten good grades, and, well, she's a bit of a crybaby. But when she meets a talking cat, she begins a journey that will teach her she has a well of great strength just beneath the surface and the heart to inspire and stand up for her friends as Sailor Moon! The original Sailor Moon in a new, affordable edition.

ISBN13 9781646512140
Dimensions 188 mm x 128 mm x 30 mm
Weight 334 gr
Release Date 30/08/2022
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