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Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost 1

Beauty and the Beast of Paradise Lost 1

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by Yuki, Kaori

The story of Belle and her beast as you've never seen it before, with sinister, creeping shadows suffusing a door to a wider, magical world. This dark, fairytale adventure is the latest sumptuous masterpiece from the creator of Angel Sanctuary and Alice in Murderland, perfect for fans of The Ancient Magus' Bride!


Young and rambunctious Belle insists on going out to play in the forbidden woods, but her adventurous streak abruptly ends when her mother is spirited away by a beast known to kidnap beautiful women. Twisted by the loss of his wife, Belle's father keeps his daughter and her unusual violet hair locked away in an e?ort to "protect" her from prying eyes.

Years later, news of the beast's reappearance coaxes Belle back to the woods where it all began-but her desperate search for the truth may be more perilous than she could have ever imagined...

ISBN13 9781646512508
Dimensions 207 mm x 147 mm x 16 mm
Weight 230 gr
Release Date 02/11/2021
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