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Ajin 17 : Demi-Human

Ajin 17 : Demi-Human

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by Sakurai, Gamon

The final confrontation is here. But even if Kei Nagai can catch up to the fleeing Sato...can he stop him?! And if he succeeds in defeating Sato, will there be a place for demi-humans in a world transformed by the revelation of their existence?

It all comes down to this epic showdown, in the final volume of what has emerged as one of the great action manga of the last decade. Ajin raises questions of what motivates us, what matters to us, and what it means to be human.

ISBN13 9781647290450
Dimensions 177 mm x 127 mm x 17 mm
Weight 206 gr
Release Date 01/03/2022
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