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nichijou 15th anniversary box set

nichijou 15th anniversary box set

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by Arawi, Keiichi

First serialized in 2006, Keiichi Arawi's nichijou went on to become a worldwide cultural phenomenon.
This fall, we'll celebrate the series with a 15th Anniversary Box Set with all ten of the original volumes in an extraordinary package!!
Join Mio, Yuuko, Mai and the rest of the cast of colorful characters of nichijou in this slice-of-surreal-life comedy series that explores every facet of their anything-but-ordinary lives...

In this just-surreal enough take on the "school genre" of manga, a group of friends grapple with all sorts of unexpected situations in their daily lives as high schoolers.

ISBN13 9781647290597
Dimensions 187 mm x 132 mm x 157 mm
Weight 1818 gr
Release Date 14/12/2021
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