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What Did You Eat Yesterday? 17

What Did You Eat Yesterday? 17

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by Yoshinaga, Fumi

From the James Tripee Award Winning author, Fumi Yoshinaga, comes a casual romance between two 40-year-old men and the many meals they share together.

This slice-of-life series follows the ordinary lives of a middle-aged, gay couple and the ever-changing,
delicious variety of homecooked meals they share.

Shiro and Kenji are now well past their youthful years, and with a stable relationship and a stable career for them both, what could possibly go wrong? But Kenji finds himself in a bind one evening after a few drinks with one of his hair salon regulars. Meanwhile, a mysterious and beautiful woman greets Shiro with a friendly smile on the street during their grocery shopping, and Shiro insists that he doesn't know her.

ISBN13 9781647290689
Dimensions 210 mm x 146 mm x 20 mm
Weight 206 gr
Release Date 15/02/2022
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