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A School Frozen in Time 4

A School Frozen in Time 4

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by Tsujimura, Mizuki

From two star creators Naoshi Arakawa (Your Lie in April) and award winning writer Mizuki Tsujimura (Anime Supremacy!) comes a psychological horror story filled with twists, turns, and hard truths about the lives of high school students and the pressures they face in modern society.

Tick. Tock. As the clock starts again, Takano and his remaining classmates must face their fears and traumas, still trapped within the frigid walls of their school. Takano finds himself back at the origin point of this icy nightmare- the last day of the school festival. There, he finally remembers who it was that took their own life, and the surprising identity of that person begins to uncover the mysteries that have plagued Takano and his friends.

But answering the question that's hung dangerously over their heads will reveal one last puzzle to solve-and if they don't act fast, they just might lose another precious friend...

Final Volume!

ISBN13 9781647290733
Dimensions 189 mm x 140 mm x 24 mm
Weight 250 gr
Release Date 01/02/2022
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