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Pretty Boy Detective Club (manga) 2

Pretty Boy Detective Club (manga) 2

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A disappearing swindler and an impossible kidnapping-
Two thrilling new mysteries await!

Mayumi Dojima has just become the newest member of the Pretty Boy Detective Club when her first challenge as Mayumi the Seer literally falls into her lap- a suspicious businessman drops a wad of counterfeit bills on the sidewalk, and suddenly the games are afoot! At a shady casino operating out of their rival high school's gymnasium, the Pretty Boys encounter a fiendish new foil-leading to a nail-biting showdown between beauty and fraud... And just when things seem to have quieted down, a chance discovery in the art room leads the Pretty Boys to 33 mysterious paintings, and a bizarre kidnapping that took place at Yubiwa Academy seven years earlier-?!

ISBN13 9781647290764
Dimensions 190 mm x 140 mm x 30 mm
Weight 334 gr
Release Date 15/06/2022
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