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The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary (Manga) Vol. 2

The Strange Adventure of a Broke Mercenary (Manga) Vol. 2

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by Mine


The mercenary life was hard on Loren. Despite his enormous skill with a blade, he found himself alone and out of work. Joining up with a team of newbie adventurers seemed like the key to getting back on track, but their goblin hunt didn't go as planned. Thanks to his new comrades' bravado, Loren faced a disastrous ambush, only narrowly escaping along with the enigmatic priestess Lapis. Together, the two of them head deeper into an ancient labyrinth, seeking a way to escape from the perilous ruins. An avalanche of monsters stands between them and a secret from ages past!

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781648274503
Dimensions 180 mm x 127 mm x 14 mm
Weight 160 gr
Release Date 16/11/2021
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