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Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light Novel) Vol. 15

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light Novel) Vol. 15

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by Jyumonji, Ao

BEGINNING OF THE END Haruhiro and his companions wake in darkness yet again, with no memories but their names. This time, they step into a world where Alterna has been destroyed! Piecing together the skills their bodies remember and the memories that Merry retained, they race to Grimgar's frontier in search of aid-only to find the forces of Arabakia preparing to take Alterna back. The adventure born from the ashes enters its endgame!

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781648275548
Dimensions 210 mm x 149 mm x 19 mm
Weight 284 gr
Release Date 29/06/2021
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