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Robo Sapiens : Tales of Tomorrow (Omnibus)

Robo Sapiens : Tales of Tomorrow (Omnibus)

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by Shimada, Toranosuke

In this Eisner-nominated science fiction saga, enter a world where artificial intelligence is thriving--and human culture is dying.

In the future, robots are more than machines. Autonomous "cyber-persons" with A.I. brains are now part of society, interacting with humans while developing their own culture. In fact, they may be surpassing humans, as biological homo sapiens have begun to die out and give way to robo sapiens. But are humans truly disappearing, or are robots becoming the newest form of humanity?

This millennia-spanning, speculative fiction manga of interconnected stories, both human and robotic, was awarded the Division Grand Prize at the 2020 Japan Media Arts Festival and was nominated for a 2022 Eisner Award.

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781648275982
Dimensions 209 mm x 149 mm x 23 mm
Weight 514 gr
Release Date 15/02/2022
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