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Classmates Vol. 4 : Sora and Hara

Classmates Vol. 4 : Sora and Hara

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by Nakamura, Asumiko


Hara Manabu is a gay man who feels somewhat adrift in the world. He spends his days teaching at an all-boys school, his nights out on the town. While at a gay bar, he meets a young man named Sorano and feels an instant connection. But things become complicated when he sees Sorano again-as it turns out, the young man is a new student at Hara's school. Can Hara navigate the feelings he has for a student?

Imprint Seven Seas Entertainment
ISBN13 9781648276538
Dimensions 181 mm x 127 mm x 24 mm
Weight 240 gr
Release Date 30/11/2021
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