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Gto : 14 Days In Shonan, Volume 4

Gto : 14 Days In Shonan, Volume 4

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by Fujisawa, Toru

After a tiring and eventful school year Onizuka takes a break from the classroom and for his school break he decides escape the pressures of work by heading back home to the lazy surfers village of Shonan. Back in his hometown, he runs into friend of his significant other who runs an orphanage called the White Swan Youth Home. An orphan himself, Onizuka decides to help the home with hopes to help the kids in the same manner he does at school.

This time round the GTO has a special case. He's got a good kid to look after. Seiya has his head on straight despite having a troubled home. And if there is anything the teen struggles with it possibly is how badly he wants to fix his family.

Like many single-parent children, Seiya has an attachment tothe lone parent that has been around. And even though this person has neglected him enough that heis now in child protection, Seiya's willing to risk his future and maybe his freedom to make things work out for his small family. If that means taking arms, then so be it!

But the GTO is not going to let him off easily. You cannotpack heat without getting burned in his town! So Onizuka is going to show him what it means to shot someone. He's gonna let him experience being hunted down.The school of hard knocks is back in session!

ISBN13 9781932234930
Dimensions 177 mm x 144 mm x 13 mm
Weight 110 gr
Release Date 15/08/2012
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