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Gon 3

Gon 3

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Gon is a small dinosaur that has managed to survive extinction. He goes on fun adventures in a world of vibrant creatures and fauna. SIZE DOESN'T MATTER. BIG TROUBLE COMES IN A LITTLE PACKAGE! 65 million years ago, dinosaurs experienced aw catastrophic extinction that ended their dominance on Earth except for one! In this volume, Gon frolics with some watery friends until a school of piranhas tries to put the bite on him. Later, Gon leads a pack of baby wolf cubs to seek revenge against a vicious tiger for the death of their mother. And get ready for far-out fun in the forest, as Gon consumes massive quantities of mushrooms! Includes special extras after the story!

ISBN13 9781935429418
Dimensions 190 mm x 128 mm x 13 mm
Weight 158 gr
Release Date 15/05/2016
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